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Toolkit Bay, or what we like to abbreviated as TKB is as the name implies, related with tools.

Our mission is to provide high quality of tools that users like and can use to improve productivity. To do that, we try to optimize many things to improve user experience.

Usually we updating the website regularly, so you can expect new tools or new categories of tool to come up. The new update usually pretty random since we making tools that we think are quite useful (or maybe it turns out not that useful). And that lead us to the ToolkitBay that we know today 😋.

We also got some question whether to support mobile and desktop first, well actually we set the desktop support as our top priority, but we also try not neglect mobile experience, so either way, we try to provide the best of the both worlds.


Toolkit Bay or TKB is an online tools website providing free and easy to use tools to increase productivy or just for fun.

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, you can contact us on: (we can read the incoming emails, but most probably we won't answer since we haven't setup the mail server yet. Feel free to reach/DM us at

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We respect your data. Uploaded file/data/input will be automatically deleted. And the processed data will be deleted less than a day.

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