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BLAKE2b-384 Hash


BLAKE2b 384 bit Hash / Checksum Generator

BLAKE2b-384 produces digest side of 384 bits.

BLAKE2 was announced in 2012. It was created by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Samuel Neves, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, and Christian Winnerlein with. This hash algorithm also submitted to the hash competition held by NIST.

Compared to BLAKE, BLAKE2 removes addition of constant to message words from previous BLAKE round function, and few other changes.

If you see our BLAKE tools, you will notice that we have BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s, the difference is that BLAKE2b is a successor of BLAKE-512 and has 12 rounds. Whereas BLAKE2s is a successor of BLAKE-256 and has 10 rounds.

BLAKE2s is more optimized for 8-32 bit computing platform, and the length of the digest produced by this algorithm is between 1 and 32 bytes.

BLAKE2b is more optimized for 64 bit computing platform, and the length of the digest produced is between 1 to 64 bytes.

BLAKE rounds list:

  • BLAKE-256 : 14 rounds
  • BLAKE-512 : 16 rounds
  • BLAKE2s : 10 rounds
  • BLAKE2b : 12 rounds

Other variant of BLAKE:

  • BLAKE2x
  • BLAKE3


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